We accept the following forms of payment:

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+ Cash

Our prices are determined by the piece or by the hour, depending on the work required. Pieces that take longer than an hour and a half are charged at our hourly rate of $150 + hst.

Minimum Cost

Our minimum price is $60.00 + hst to cover our equipment costs.


On appointments of 2 hours or longer, we require a deposit of $50 per hour to hold your time slot. For example; an appointment of 3 hours would require a $150.00 deposit. This deposit is transferable as long as cancellation/rescheduling is done at least 72 hours prior to the booking. Any appointments that are missed, or cancelled after the 72 hour cutoff will result in the absorption of the deposit in order to cover some of the costs of our lost time.


Touch-ups on tattoos done in our studio are free within the first year. The only exceptions to this rule are tattoos that are done on feet, hands or on the neck. These areas are prone to healing out with light or missing spots, largely due to the tougher skin in these areas, the amount of movement in the area and rubbing of clothing. We do charge a minimum of $25 + hst for touch-ups on these areas.

If you had your tattoo done longer than a year ago, the aging process has already begun and will cause your tattoo to lighten naturally and normally. If you would like to have your tattoo touched up a year or longer afterwards, it will be priced as a brand new tattoo.