Making an Appointment

We have been operating in lovely downtown Uxbridge for 10 years as of June 2016, and have enjoyed an enormous response and amazing support from our clients from both near and far. For that we are forever grateful!

Due to this overwhelming level of support we have received, our schedule is getting booked farther and farther in advance. Summer is usually our busiest time of year, but we are fortunate to remain very busy all year round.

The vast amount of Jamie’s work is drawn as a custom piece for each client. Because of this, he regularly has a large amount of sketching to do. Usually, he takes the sketching home over the weekend to stay on schedule. To allow a fair turn-around for each client, he always asks that you please allow him 3 weeks – 1 month to get artwork back to you.

Our policy states that we cannot book any appointments until the artwork is finished, and you are 100% satisfied with your piece. By going about it this way, we can ensure that Jamie is prepared and that the entire appointment time is spent tattooing, and not with Jamie having to sketch the piece out last-minute for you.

Please be sure to keep this 3 week – 1 month window in mind when you are looking to have any work done.

Once the artwork is finished, and you are completely happy with it, we can get you booked in. We always ask that you either please give us a call at the studio (905-862-2427), or come by in person to schedule the appointment. We cannot book any appointments through email.

Our current schedule as of January 2018 is booked into mid February for weekdays, and Saturdays are already booked closer to early/mid March. We strongly recommend that you prepare your ideas well in advance. This will ensure that there are no timing/scheduling conflicts with your preferred appointment date.